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A Nationwide Halloween Book Giveaway

A treat for the mind as well as the sweet tooth!

Over 1000 books given away on Halloween 2023!

You can help us give away even more books in 2024!

Halloween Read & Treat is part of regular Halloween trick or treating – in addition to giving out candy, the mission is to give out free books. Each trick or treater walks away from a participating location with a treat and a book – that’s why we say Halloween Read & Treat is a treat for the mind as well as the sweet tooth!

Halloween Read & Treat was started in 2017 in Warren, PA by Ruby Wiles, owner of Allegheny Creations and founder of Free Books for Kids Town. Every year since, Ruby’s home has become a destination and must-stop for area children on Halloween.

You can make your home a Halloween Read & Treat location too! It will be the kids’ favorite stop every year!

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Ways to Get Involved


Sign up to be a Halloween Read & Treat participating location for Halloween 2024.


Contribute money to a worthy cause by donating to Halloween Read & Treat. Your money will be used to purchase books to give away on Halloween, or for administrative costs of running the program.

Give Books

We accept new and slightly used book donations throughout the year.

If you are interested in participating in Halloween Read & Treat 2024 or would like more information, fill out the form on this page.

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Reasons To Sign Up with Halloween Read & Treat

  • Listed on Halloween Read & Treat Participating Locations Map (can opt out)

  • Provided Lawn Signs & Marketing Materials for your home and for social media

  • Tips for a successful Halloween Read & Treat event

  • Become known as “the book house” on Halloween

  • Make your house a favorite Halloween destination stop every year

  • Have more trick or treaters than ever before

  • Create core memories for children

  • Help spread the love of reading 

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    Here is what our participants had to say about the magic of the Halloween Read and Treat experience:

    Wow! This is great! We had 52 children and 52 adults stop by our library for our Read & Treat...We look forward to Read and Treat in 2018!

    Children's LibrarianWarren Public Library

    [We] were truly surprised by the level of enthusiasm from parents and kids alike. Our best count is that we had 48 trick-or-treaters and gave out 66 books!

    Pat & Chuck BriningerJamestown NY

    Yay! The book lady!! You’re my favorite house every year!


    We moved and have to come back here every year just for this house so she can get her book.


    BBOOOOOKKKKSSSS!!!! I love books!!


    Halloween Read & Treat Locations for 2023



    What is Halloween Read & Treat?

    It is our mission to give out free books on Halloween, in addition to regular trick or treating. We let each trick or treater choose a free book, in addition to getting their regular Halloween treat.

    When is Halloween Read & Treat?

    Halloween Read & Treat is an activity that takes place on Halloween along with regular trick or treating. You can also set up a Halloween Read & Treat table or display at any Halloween-themed event leading up to Halloween, like a Trunk or Treat.

    Where is Halloween Read & Treat?

    We will have a map of participating locations for Halloween Read & Treat 2024. Anyone, anywhere can participate.

    How do I get the books?

    We ask that you collect and save books throughout the year to give away on Halloween. When you sign up to participate, we will give you support and suggestions for book procurement. Depending on your location, we may be able to offer book delivery or pickup leading up to Halloween.

    How do I participate?

    Fill out the form on this webpage and we’ll send you more information on participating in Halloween Read & Treat 2024. It’s easy, and we’re here to help!

    Does it cost money to participate?

    There is a small administrative fee that comes along with registering as a participant of Halloween Read & Treat. The fees help us offset the costs of running the program. In return, you’ll get our full support to help you have a fun Halloween Read & Treat event. We give you printable signage, social media assets, and a participants’ best practices guide, plus you can be listed on our official website as a participating location.


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