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“You mean I get to keep this book? That it is mine?    

That is the number one question we hear.

Children are shocked to learn that the book they select is theirs to keep. Books cost money. Over 2/3 of our children have no money for books. They are accustomed to going without. Even when other children are stacked high with books.  

Imagine how demoralizing this is. It gives them a reason to give up early in life.

We change that! We not only give them a free book. We give them a book they really want. 

How do we know? Because for over 11 years, we have been asking children about their interests. Then we work really hard to find books for them.  Do you know how hard it is to find a book about tornadoes for a second grader? We do! Because we have done it!

Teachers promote reading every day.  But our book program is HUGE! 

As one elementary teacher told us, ” The free book program is wonderful for our district students because we value reading so much and try to instill that in our students.

The ability for a child to be able to pick out a new book is a powerful motivator to encourage them to read more and this program allows students to get books that normally wouldn’t be able to. “ 

We change lives.  You can, too!  Go to our donation page and take advantage of our easy to use donation portal.